Simplicity and ingenuity guided the design of Perception's Pescador Pilot, the lowest-priced pedal kayak on the market.

Simplicity and ingenuity guided the design of Perception’s Pescador Pilot, the lowest-priced pedal kayak on the market.

Want to save a grand and score a pedal-drive kayak complete with built-in fishing accessories? Perception has the ‘yak for you! Delivering on its promise to shatter the price point of pedal power kayaks,  Perception is asking only $1799 for the Pescador Pilot and your favorite kayak retailer is taking online orders right now, with initial factory deliveries set for December 15.

While many will see the price as the most attractive feature, reviews of prototype models have found that the top feature of the Pescador Pilot’s drive is that it is extremely easy to remove the pedals with the Quick Key zero draft option, perhaps the easiest system of all the kayaks on the market. No it’s not an option, it’s simply one of the many great features built into this new pedal kayak.

In any kind of real life kayak fishing situation, being able to lower and raise the pedal drive is paramount. The Quick Key is just that, a quick and easy way to engage or disengage the drive.just insert the key to engage or disengage the drive. A recess in the hull stores the drive while not in use and the center scupper lid provides storage for easy transportation of the Pilot Drive.

The Pilot Drive boasts a design remarakble for simplicity and ingenuity and Perception’s designers made sure the Pescador Pilot is ergonomically optimized for all-day hands free fishing. The drive features Turbo Flaps to keep turbulence to a minimum, while the padded pedals provide comfort when maneuvering forward or in reverse and the 14-inch prop allows for easy acceleration and cruising.

The Pilot is built off the solid Pescador sit-on-top kayak platform and packed to the gills with fishing features to go with the included Pilot Drive pedal drive system. The Pilot Drive is performance-engineered to achieve the perfect balance of simplicity and ingenuity, and is ergonomically optimized for all-day hands-free fishing. Outfitted with a Captain's Chair with on-the-fly adjustable gear tracks and tension knobs, four molded-in rod holders, two YakAttack accessory tracks, a transducer scupper, and two storage consoles for mounting electronics.

The 12.5-foot hull of the Pescador Pilot is designed to float just about any size kayak angler, rated at 525 pounds max capacity and weighing 85 pounds with the Pilot Drive installed. You can check out the Perception Kayaks website for more information.

Hands free fishing just got a lot more affordable!