Packed with lots of bass fishing and saltwater fun from Hawaii to Florida, the March edition of KFVM is just what kayak anglers want to watch.

Packed with lots of bass fishing and saltwater fun from Hawaii to Florida, the March edition of KFVM is just what kayak anglers want to watch. Photo courtesy Last Cast Productions

Coming to a smart device near you, the March (and second) isssue of Kayak Fish Video Magazine rolls out with Bending Branches joining current sponsors Old Town Canoe & Kayak, NRS, Ocean Kayak, Jackson Kayak and Wilderness Systems to bring kayak anglers a quick hitting compilation of short videos from both established and emerging kayak fishing personalities.

Tailored to the mobile user, KFVM offers each video individually as well as in the full run. Tightly edited and packaged by the production team at the The Enthusiast Network, the look is clean and the pace is fast as the kayak fishing community’s incredible diversity and range is displayed.

In the March issue of KFVM, appropriately enough you’ll two videos dedicated to bass fishing. Rex DeGuzman takes to the Brazos River and gives his unique perspective on the sport while setting the hook on some feisty river bass.

Wilderness Systems team member and his Last Cast Productions filming partner Michael Ernst of Jackson Kayaks share the excitement when a calm day on the water is much improved by the slurp of a bass eating a topwater frog and blasting out of the water when the line comes tight.

Isaac Brumaghim

Isaac Brumaghim’s guides his kayak angler to a blue water shark catch off Oahu. Photo courtesy AHTV

Even Robert Field gets into some bass action when he provides a quick runthrough of the new NRS Sidewinder Bib pant system. Later, Field takes us to Jensen Beach, Florida where he lets the bite dictate the day and rips into a hot light tackle bite on jack crevalle.

Speaking of good bites, another springtime kayak angling staple is featured when Chris Funk offers up his citrus panko-crusted cajun crappie recipe. Catch and release — into the grease!

Jerry McBride provides his experience and acumen to give quick and detailed reviews of two products creating a buzz in the kayak fishing world. First he checks out the Bending Branches Angler Optimus paddle that converts easily into a standup paddle, a stakeout pole or a push pole.

Then McBride looks at the Hobie i11s kayak and the design that brings the MirageDrive system to an easily transportable boat that functions as both a kayak and a SUP and includes everything you need to make it both.

Last but not least, and actually the first video on the roll, is Ocean Kayak’s Isaac Brumaghim guiding a client to a blue water encounter with a shark. The saltwater taxman intrigues the entire world, not just kayakers, and Brumaghim shows how with the help of a pro you can tangle with toothy critters and easily release them.

Get in on all the action of KFVM2! It’s as easy as picking up your phone.