“Like a lot of folks, I bought my first kayak, spent a lot of money on my first kayak and then went and tried to find the cheapest paddle I could find.”

So says Chris Funk in the intro to this kayak fishing paddling tip, which is really more about the fact you can’t get maximum return from the energy you expend paddling unless that force is turned into propulsion.

Funk notes he started to realize he was underpowered when he started fishing waters where his kayak encountered currents, start using bigger boats and the distance traveled increased.

Still it wasn’t until he asked to borrow a friend’s Bending Branches paddle that Chris first had the opportunity to experience power kayak fishing. Power kayak fishing is achieved when every stroke gets your kayak that much closer to being in the right position to catch a fish.

Funk tells us his favorite Bending Branches paddle is the Angler Pro and the Angler Pro Plus, although he leans toward the ferrule on the Angler Pro that allows him to convert the paddle into a push pole or a SUP paddle.

Still Chris says what he really likes about the Bending Branches Angler Pro is the 104 inches of stiff, ungiving blade.

“The Bending Branches is a light paddle, it paddles well, but the main thing about me was being able to dig hard and not have any flutter, not have any flex; I wanted every bit of force coming out of my arm doing that work and my chest muscles pulling this paddle, this (paddle) answers the call every time.

“Not only that, this paddle is as tough as woodpecker lips, they’ve been through poling oyster beds, they’ve been through rocks…they’ve been through the Everglades, up to the Tennessee rivers and out west to the Mississippi,” says Funk.

Still, Chris notes, don’t take his word for it. Borrow a Bending Branches Angler Pro from a friend and see for yourself!

Chris Funk flexes his "Alabama soupbone" as he discussed the basics of power kayak fishing with the Bending Branches Angler Pro paddle. Chris Funk photo

Chris Funk flexes his “Alabama soupbone” as he discusses the basics of power kayak fishing with the Bending Branches Angler Pro paddle. Chris Funk photo