Nimble Kraken 13.5 hunts down fish

Kraken 13.5 plenty able to handle rough water

By Paul Lebowitz

Jackson Kayak’s original big water fishing cruiser the Kraken has a little brother. Underestimating it would be a mistake. The new Kraken 13.5 is designed to be just as fond of boisterous water. It’s just a little more prone to wander – maneuverability will do that.

The Kraken 13.5 is a collaboration between Jackson designer Tony Lee and Jim Sammons of the long-running Kayak Fishing Show – the same great team behind the original.


“The 13.5 should appeal to the person looking for the same great features and the paddle ability of its big brother in a more nimble size,” Sammons said.

Poring over the 13.5 schematics, the family resemblance is obvious. A slightly smaller bow hatch is the only notable difference between the two models. That hatch is rarely accessed while on the water, as it is sealed by a neoprene cover. There’s no need with a large swing-up center hatch in the cockpit console.

“I am stoked Jackson trusted the design, features and style enough to continue the line with the 13.5 footer,” Sammons said of the second boat in his signature line.

In case your memory needs a refresher, both kayaks in the Kraken family feature a bait tank scupper, fishfinder transducer scupper, an Elite Seat 3.0 adjustable fore and aft for better trim control, virtual miles of YakAttack Gear Track, and a huge tankwell compatible with the optional K Krate. It is available from the factory in Pro, Elite and Standard trim levels.

Big water, no problem. The new Kraken 13.5 is a little shorter than its bigger brother, but up for just about any conditions, particularly carving a curvier course. Courtesy photo.

Jerry McBrides gives a video tour of Jackson Kayak’s Kraken 13.5. Photo Jerry McBride