FeelFree isn't saying much about the upcoming Lure 13.5. If it's anything like it's slightly smaller brother, it'll be stable as heck.

FeelFree isn’t saying much about the upcoming Lure 13.5. If it’s anything like it’s slightly smaller brother, it’ll be stable as heck.

FeelFree USA Teases the Lure 13.5
Stable enough to dance on
By Paul Lebowitz

Oh how we love new boat news. Fresh on the heels of the well-designed Lure 11 – we’ll have a review in the Fall print edition – FeelFree’s designers are cooking up a bigger brother: the Lure 13.5.

We don’t have much to show you yet, just this teaser image, and a few stats. 13.5 feet long (obviously) and 36 inches wide. “It will have lots of room to fish, stand or hell even dance on,” says Roland Jimenez, FeelFree’s media gatekeeper.

I have to agree. Look at all that padded deck space. The Lure 11 is one of the most forgiving ‘stand-up’ fish ‘yaks I’ve tested. This one should be even easier.

What else? FeelFree’s standards are right there to see, including the Oval Hinge Hatch, Uni Track accessory rail, dual flushmount rod holders, and the Lure’s central feature – the multi-level Gravity Seat.

There’s one big difference perched on the bow. From here, it looks like a flip-forward hatch that should double as an electronics perch.

What do you see?

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