Liquid Logic Versa Board

Liquid Logic Versa Board/ Photo: Paul Lebowitz

The Liquid Logic Versa Board

Tested July 2010

Liquidlogic's SUP-kayak hybrid is another of this year's multi-purpose wonders. Stand up or sit down, the choice is yours. It isn't Texas-sized like the Adios-it falls more on the SUP side of the blurry line. It's still forgiving enough for novice water-walkers to stand up straight and cast baits to tailing fish. Design is telling; the Versa's kayak side plays out in a tunnel hull and hidden keel. Take it as you like it; a spring-loaded drop-down skeg switches the ride from ultra-maneuverable to straight-line steady with the flip of a lever handle. Either way, the ride is appealing. The size and shape (the Versa is the opposite of bulky) is just about perfect for a quick morning or afternoon session.

Flyfishermen in particular will adore the Versa's uncluttered deck. For an overgrown surfboard, rig-ability is solid. The hull isn't deep enough for standard flush mounts, but virtually anything else will work on the wide-open deck. Shock cords fore and aft provide a place to stash a tackle box or even a fishing crate. There's a little in-hull storage too, accessed via a small, round hatch aft. Available accessories include a couple of seats (the First Class option swivels 360 degrees) that fold easily out of the way when it's time to elevate your game. Sister company Native Watercraft's Versa variant adds an angler package with an accessory track system. Now that's multi-tasking.

($879/$999 for Angler model, in roto-molded polyethylene, L: 12'3"; W: 33"; 53 lbs., 300-lb. capacity