By Jerry McBride

Paper or Plastic?

Kayak Fish teased the new Jackson Coosa HD (Heavy Duty) in the new Winter issue's Buyer Guide section. Kayak anglers will probably prefer the plastic version now available at dealers throughout the country.

At 12 feet, 1 inch in length and 34 inches across the beam, the updated hull design is 2 inches wider and 11 inches longer than the original Coosa. The result: improved speed, stability and tracking, which should extend its uses beyond the original river applications.

"The whole design team is justifiably proud of the original Coosa, but now I feel like I'm getting even more of the comforts and features I've been dreaming about since we introduced the Coosa to the marketplace in 2011," said Jackson Kayak's original kayak fishing team member Drew Gregory, who collaborated on the newest Jackson offering.

Designers took advantage of the extra space to add new comfort and fishing amenities, starting with a new and improved Elite Seat 3.0. Multiple seating positions, featuring fore and aft as well as high and low adjustments, maximize trim efficiency. Paddling comfort is also addressed. The new 3.0 boasts a comfortable curved seat back, new seat padding, Plano tackle box pockets underneath, and the new Therm-a-Rest lumbar pad system. Plano pockets beneath the seat provide handy access to tackle. The comfort doesn't stop there—stand-up sight anglers can dig their toes into the padded floor.

This is a dedicated fishing machine. Rod tip covers at the bow enhance rod management. Flushed-mounted rear vertical rod holders, along with RAM rod mounts forward, are standard. The Coosa HD also comes installation-ready for Raymarine electronics and the Power-Pole Micro Anchor. To complement the new line-spooling system in the hinged, removable Coosa Console, designers even tossed in a standard Buck Knives Splizzors multitool for hook removal and lure changes.

And because catches don't count these days without photographic proof, the Coosa comes equipped with built-in GoPro mounts and the new YakAttack Boomstick pole camera mount.

The Coosa HD comes in all six standard 2015 Jackson Kayak fishing boat colors: Forest Camo, GI Jackson, Dorado, Sexy Shad, Sunrise and Urban Cowgirl. Weight is 79 pounds (85 including the seat). MSRP is $1699.