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By Jerry McBride

Weight is always a concern in the kayak world. There's a big difference between slinging 60 pounds and 74 pounds of plastic onto the truck.

With the introduction of the Cuda LT, Jackson has whacked 14 pounds off their best-selling Cuda 12. They didn't do it by trimming the dimensions or features; the new model is a virtual clone of the popular original, but constructed from thermoformed plastic rather than the heavier rotomolded process. The end result is a more rigid, faster, more stable kayak.

This new version maintains the deck features from the Cuda 12, such as a central hinged hatch, rod holders and tackle storage options. The Cuda LT adds a couple new features for the avid angler, including new YakAttack gear tracks for and aft.

"I had the chance to paddle the Cuda LT while filming Jim Sammons' TV show," explains Jeff Herman, "and I have to say it is a fantastic evolution of an already great platform. A speed improvement and a stability improvement done in tandem is next to impossible, but Jackson did just that with the Cuda LT."

The LT features the new Jackson Elite Seat with Thermarest lumbar support combined with the patented hi/lo seating option. The lighter weight makes stowing, transporting and car-topping a cinch. Available in Red, Navy, and Lime over white.

L 12' 8" W 32.5" Weight 60 lbs. (including Elite Seat) Capacity 350 lbs. MSRP $1,799

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