Wilderness Systems is teasing a new "angler's dream" called the ATAK - it isn't this one - and also talking about the upcoming FlexPod OS.

Wilderness Systems is teasing a new “angler’s dream” called the ATAK – it isn’t this one – and also talking about the upcoming FlexPod OS.

By Paul Lebowitz

Wilderness Systems is at it again. Company reps are teasing a new boat named the ATAK (pronounced “attack”), short for Advanced Tactical Angler Kayak. Staffers are carefully restricting access to a mysterious early prototype kept under wraps.

They didn’t tell us much, but say plenty of people have contributed the concepts behind the boat, an “angler’s dream” based on an “open concept.” I take that to mean flexible rigging options and suitability for multiple environments.

There’s one more nugget, a bombshell. In a secret lab somewhere, Wilderness Systems designers are cooking up a motor drive to fit the FlexPod OS. One of their operatives even showed us grainy video shot from long distance of a yellow kayak motoring quickly around a lake, while the ‘paddler’ sat idle.

There were a handful of other hints dropped concerning the FlexPod OS Motor Drive. Call them design goals: lightweight, durable, forward and reverse operation, self-contained with simple wiring, 2.5- to 4-hour operating time.

The ATAK should make its debut in March 15; the FlexPod OS Motor Drive is expected at Outdoor Retailer 2015.