Winona, MN
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$1,449 in Royalex
L: 17'6"; W: 36 1/2"; 75 lbs.
Whitewater: The Cascade is Wenonah's largest whitewater tandem suited perfectly for extended trips. It has a deep, flared hull to run dry, a heavily rockered keel line for maneuverability, exceptional buoyancy, and capacity. The ultimate whitewater assault canoe.

$1,329 in Royalex
L: 16'; W: 36"; 69 lbs.
Whitewater: Our shortest whitewater canoe, we've given the Rogue more depth to run dry, a flared bow for extra buoyancy and a highly rockered keel to maneuver in technical and flowing rivers. It's our most exciting ride in the whitewater family.

$1,199 in Royalex
L: 15'8"; W: 31"; 59 lbs.
Whitewater: This whitewater hull is a zesty play boat when lightly loaded, and a workhorse when packed for solo whitewater trips. The Rendezvous runs dry, is buoyant in the bow, and has plenty of freeboard. Its unique shape and tumblehome make for effective paddling.

$2,999 in Kevlar Ultra-light
L: 19'; W: 37"; 49 lbs.
($2,049 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 65 lbs.)
($2,699 in Kevlar Flex-core, 61 lbs.)
Expedition: The Itasca is built to carry expedition sized loads through wind and waves. This long, seaworthy hull tracks superbly, carries loads and glides far — it's the right boat for extreme exploring, coastal touring and week long adventures.

$2,049 in Kevlar Flex-core
L: 17'; W: 31 1/2"; 48 lbs.
($1,479 in Tuf-weave Flex-core, 54 lbs.)
($2,299 in Kevlar Ultra-light, 38 lbs.)
($2,899 in Graphite Ultra-light, 35 lbs.)
Expedition: The Encounter was created for long, solo expeditions with ample gear. It tracks straight and carries weight easily over rough water. Roomy enough for large people and buoyant enough for heavy loads, the Encounter is a specially engineered craft.