Granite Gear Packable Wheeled Duffel


The collapsible-wheeled luggage bag from Granite Gear is essentially a lightweight nylon shell with wheels attached that will get your drybags through the airport unharmed and will collapse into itself upon arrival. It weighs only 3.2 pounds and we were able to fit a 45-liter drybag into it with ease. And at $89, it won't break the bank. The bag comes with its own carrying case that doubles as an attachable compartment. Both are made from Taurpalite weather-resistant fabric. We tested the 30-inch (100L) model (they also make a larger 36-inch version). There's no handle on this bag, but there are several carrying strap options, letting it function as a shoulder-slung duffle or backpack. The bag does not like to stand upright, making it more of a duffle with wheels than a standard piece of wheeled luggage. We like this bag for its versatility - lightweight, packable, and wheeled at an affordable price.

Water-barrier zippered pocket on the outside.

Water-barrier zippered pocket on the outside.

All packed up in the case that also works as an attachable outside bag.

All packed up in the case that also works as an attachable outside bag.

Small wheels, it

The packable wheeled duffle has small wheels. It’ll roll in a pinch but we find it works better as a backpack or shoulder-slung duffle.

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