Wave Sport Ethos 10

L: 10'3"; W: 27"; 100 gals., 54 lbs., also available in L

"This is definitely the boat I'd take on Class V," said one tester, who happened to grease the Class V boof line at Rainie Falls in the Ethos. Credit that sure rough-water agility to the hull's relatively flat bottom and aggressive rocker profile, which kept us above smaller holes, and a low-profile bow that punched the big 'uns. While its whitewater chops were among the highest rated on our Rogue test, the 10-foot-3 Ethos added smart comfort extras headlined by the highly adjustable CORE Whiteout outfitting system that allowed testers to ratchet our thighs up tight--sharing top honors for hip security with the Katana. Testers loved details like a drain-plug on the cockpit's back corner, making an intuitive drain on a shoulder carry. Speaking of which, the weighty Ethos was a bear to portage, but testers did appreciate that they could swing the hip pad out to the cockpit--providing cushion for the 54-pound (un-packed) boat. We also noted the lack of rigging capabilities (a single bungee X on the stern deck), which only helped prove the point that the ethos of the Ethos is simple: svelte whitewater performance.


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