watershed drybag

Watershed Chattooga Drybag
MSRP: $105 (drybags.com)

I have been employing a Watershed Chattooga for most of my on-water shooting needs. This bag (and everything inside) has survived numerous surf launches and landings, some less graceful than others. It smirks at saltwater spray and fits nicely between my legs on extended paddles. What I appreciate about the Watershed bags are their patented ZipDry closures. They make opening and closing the bags a breeze; just make sure you keep the seal well lubricated with silicon spray, or in a pinch, a bit of water. I often just dip my fingers in the river or ocean du jour and moisten the seal before closing. The bags themselves are super tough, made of a thicker rubber than most other brands. My Chattooga came with a set of padded dividers that fit into a soft bag inside but honestly I've never used them as I prefer to just slide my camera and lens, typically a large SLR with f/2.8 70-200mm zoom, into the soft bag inside the main drybag. There is room left over for an additional lens and extra photo accessories. This setup is ideal for almost any kayak—or canoe—based photo missions.

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