The Wilderness First Aid Handbook
$14.95 (skyhorsepublishing.com)

A wilderness first aid handbook is worthless if you don’t bring it with you on the trip. Enter The Wilderness First Aid Handbook by Grant S. Lipman, MD. This new pocket guide is small, waterproof and packed with indispensable information. It’s also well-designed for use in a crisis. Because let’s face it–when a member of your river party is sick or injured, you want to

The book breaks each medical scenario into easy-to-digest pieces, starting with general comments followed by symptoms and treatment. The information is concise but thorough, allowing you to quickly assess your situation and act accordingly. We recommend every paddling crew have The Wilderness First Aid Handbook as part of their emergency kit bag, with this caveat: No book is a substitute for formal wilderness first aid training. So as you plan your next adventure, don’t forget to pack a good guide and sign up for a first aid course.

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