Potable Aqua Pure

Potable Aqua Pure Electrolytic Water Purifier

Must-know info:
* $120
* 8.6 ounces
* Can treat up to 60,000+ liters of water if you have enough salt
* Kills bacteria, protozoa and viruses but may take up to four hours
* Can sustain freezing

Potable Aqua is one of the most well-known names in chemical water treatment and the Pure is its new offering. It’s a small battery-operated unit that converts common table salt to liquid chlorine. It charges via USB or a built-in solar panel. That it can convert saltwater to chlorine in such a small unit is simply incredible, and fun to watch. As liquid chlorine, it has the advantages of traditional chemical treatment: highly effective for bacteria and viruses. We’re just not sure why you’d choose the Pure over the simplicity of chlorine tablets, iodine tablets, or unscented bleach. All have the same disadvantage of long wait times for killing cryptosporidium as well as city-flavored aftertaste, but bleach is dirt cheap and available everywhere that common table salt is. They also all have far less room for failure or user error than the Pure. In the end, we can only recommend this unit for hard-core apocalypse survivalists because bleach and chlorine lose potency over long periods of time.

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