By George Fielding

As ariel video drones continue to drop in price, they’re starting to become more intriguing for amateur filmmakers. For paddlers, a POV camera mounted to a waterproof drone offers a new way to capture action on the water from a perspective that would normally be out of reach. But how well do they actually hold up in the field?

When I started looking into waterproof drones I was surprised to find that there were no videos on YouTube that really put them through the paces, so I set out to make a series of videos to see how they would cope in rough conditions. After all, you buy a waterproof drone for reassurance when flying over water. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars only to find the drone’s electronics fried when a gust of wind knocks it into the river.

I spent a day flying FPV Factory‘s Mariner drone over a local river. I tested anything that I thought would be an issue: landing in whitewater, hitting trees, hard landings. Watch the video above to find out how it faired.

–Pre-orders are now being taken for FPV’s newest model of waterproof drone on their Kickstarter page ($799).

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