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ETAIN New model for 2011
$3749/$1899 in polyethylene
L: 17'7"; W: 21.5"; 52 lbs.

An entirely new concept in British sea kayak design. Style, grace, agility and performance defines this new expedition ready sea kayak. Designed for journeys or play with its unique hull and special front-deck day-hatch. Available in two sizes in standard Diolen or Carbon-Kevlar and Valley's exceptional triple-layer Polyethylene with its welded bulkheads that makes it safe and fun for journeys on the high seas, play day touring.

Nordkapp—$3699*, L: 18′; W: 21″; 51 lbs. Nordkapp LV—$3699*, L 17’6″; W: 21″; 50 lbs. Nordkapp RM—$1849 in roto-molded polyethylene, L: 18′, W: 21″, 57 lbs. (* in Diolen, also available in carbon/Kevlar.)

The most famous sea kayak in the world, available in Diolen, carbon/Kevlar or polyethylene. An expedition ready and capable kayak that has visited some of the most wild and remote places on our blue planet. Fast and agile with a good load capacity defines the Nordkapp.

Avocet—$3699*, L: 16'; W: 22"; 49 lbs. Avocet LV—$3699*, L: 15'11"; W: 20.5"; 46 lbs. Avocet RM—$1849 in roto-molded polyethylene, L: 16'; W: 22"; 55 lbs. (*Diolen, also available in carbon/Kevlar.)

A playful day kayak at home on flatwater, surf and between the rocks. The lively hull is both responsive and forgiving with good initial and defined secondary stability. The Avocet LV is genuinely scaled to give the smaller paddler the true feel of a high-performance sea kayak.

Rapier 18—$3699 in Diolen, L: 17'11.5"; W: 21.5"; 46 lbs. Rapier 20—$3699 in Diolen, L: 20'; W: 17.5"; 48 lbs.

A real open-water speed demon. The Rapier 18 conforms to the USCA rules for competition and the 20-foot version is faster still setting many records, including the crossing of the English Channel. Rack up the miles with ease in training, racing or on trips. Available in Diolen or ultralight carbon/Kevlar.

Rush 7.2—$2099*, L: 7'2"; W: 23.5″; 18 lbs. Rush—$2099*, L: 7'6"; W: 24″; 19 lbs. Rush+—$1999*, L: 7'10"; W: 24.5″; 19 lbs. Storm RM—$1075 in roto-molded polyethylene, L: 7'10"; W: 24.5; 30 lbs. (*Diolen, also available in carbon/Kevlar and Ultra-Kevlar.)

The aerial weapon of choice. Take your surfing to new heights with the high-performance Rush. Proven in top competitions and paddled by world champions. Available in three sizes to match the needs of paddlers who seek hard-rail riding adrenaline. Available in Diolen or carbon/Kevlar, and as the Storm RM in polyethylene.