Classic Ugg boot short
MSRP: Classic Short Bomber $180

As seen on Paris Hilton, Kate Moss and half the teen female population of SoCal—credit their good sense. If you think sheepskin boots have no place in a small boat camping program, think again. Where do we camp when we park these small boats of ours? Beaches. Precisely the birthplace of these shearling-lined boots. Australia, to be exact, by a surfer with cold, wet feet—a guy with nothing on cold-water kayakers and river runners everywhere. It's not just warmth these kicks provide, but lanolin-rich, shearling-lined, womb-caliber comfort. I confess to packing a pair on every expedition and river trip I've been on for the last decade. They are just what works after a day hanging in the canyon or dodging boomers. End rant.

Knockoffs abound, by the way, and they are not the same animal. Check Ugg website for tips on how to spot a fake.