Suspenz Work Station

Save your knees and protect your boat. These folding stands create a stable platform to keep your boat off the ground at a convenient height while you wash it down or make repairs. Made from beefy oversized T6 Aluminum tubing and strong UVresistant webbing, these indoor/outdoor work stations safely hold up to 100 lbs. of boat or cargo box. Cradle round-hulled boats in the canvas slings, or remove them for SUPs and flat-bottom boats. The foam padding protects your boat or board, and keeps it from slipping. Either way, the boat will sit steady and safe. Suspenz work stations, "protecting you and your investment." ($129, small; $149, large)

Note: This review is part of a special product preview series. Some items may not be available at this time. Please check with manufacturer for more information.

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