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L: 14'3"; W: 23.6"
$1,530 Sport = 40lbs (Fiberglass)
$1,940 Advantage = 33lbs (Fiberglass & Soric Core)
$2,590 Excel = 28lbs (Kevlar & Honey-comb)
$3,740 Ultra = 22lbs (Carbon and Honey-comb);

The Stellar 14' (S14) Touring Kayak has the speed of a much longer boat, yet stability enough for beginners and its drop down skeg helps with tracking. Its short length and light weight make it ideal for those who want a shorter high performance boat, or frequently car-top their boat.

L: 16'; W: 22"
$1,835 Sport = 47.5lbs (Fiberglass)
$2,330 Advantage = 37lbs (Fiberglass & Soric Core)
$3,110 Excel = 32lbs (Kevlar & Honey-comb)
$4,310 Ultra = 27.5lbs (Carbon and Honey-comb)
The Stellar 16' (S16) Touring Kayak was designed for speed and stability for long distance tours. Soft chine and moderate rocker allow this boat to edge very well, yet track straight. For windy days and following seas, a drop-down rudder off the stern will help keep your course.


L: 18'; W: 21.5"
$2,110 Sport = 49.5lbs (Fiberglass)
$2,680 Advantage = 38.5lbs (Fiberglass & Soric Core)
$3,585 Excel = 33.5lbs (Kevlar & Honey-comb)
$4,950 Ultra = 28.5lbs (Carbon and Honey-comb);

The Stellar 18' (S18) Touring Kayak is similar to the S16 in design, but with additional length and reduced beam, this boat glides through the water efficiently. With ample storage for your longer tours and fast hull lines, this is a great boat for those who tour and race.


SE; L: 21'6"; W: 17.5" / SES; L: 20'4"; W: 16.6"
$1,820 Sport = 34lbs (Fiberglass)
$2,375 Advantage = 32lbs (Fiberglass & Soric Core)
$3,290 Excel = 26lbs (Kevlar & Honey-comb)
$4,390 Ultra = 24lbs (Carbon and Honey-comb);

The Stellar Elite (SE) & Stellar Elite Small (SES) Surf Skis are unlike any other boat on the market today, providing you with the stability and the confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed. The SES has been optimized in every way to suit the smaller paddler.

L: 19'2"; W: 18.9"
$1,820 Sport = 33lbs (Fiberglass)
$2,375 Advantage = 31lbs (Fiberglass & Soric Core)
$3,290 Excel = 25lbs (Kevlar & Honey-comb)
$4,390 Ultra = 24lbs (Carbon and Honey-comb)
The Stellar Racer (SR) Surf Ski is designed to be stable and fast. This boat is the choice for those looking to transition to a Surf Ski from a touring kayak, or those who want more stability in rough conditions.