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$1,595 in Hypalon / neoprene
L: 10'; W: 40"; 45 lbs.
The new S10 came about very simply by requests from long time SOAR owners for a smaller, solo expedition boat, and for use as an open canoe in Class IV whitewater. Red only, to signify that this is one red hot inflatable! Thigh straps (for kneeling) and flush mounted side handles are standard equipment.

$1,745 in Hypalon / neoprene.
L: 12'; W: 40"; 52 lbs.
The versatility of the S12 is amazing: It offers the most gear-carrying capacity and the best performance on solo, multi-day trips. It's a great playboat on whitewater, and a fun boat for two people to
explore calm water. Highly rated as a yacht tender too, with a self-bailing option.

$1,945 in Hypalon / neoprene
L: 14'; W: 40"; 62 lbs.
High performance is what you can expect from the S14. From calm water to whitewater, day trips to multi-days, the S14 will satisfy all of your on-water adventures. As a solo tripper, the S14 excels with heavy loads in all kinds of moving water. Paddled by two people, the S14 can dance down the river!

$2,145 in Hypalon / neoprene
L: 16'; W: 40"; 72 lbs.
A canoe classic. The S16 began revolutionizing wilderness river travel in the early 1990s. Tough, rugged, reliable, very maneuverable and capable of carrying 1000 lbs, the S16 has been field-tested in the world's most rugged terrain. Two people can explore for weeks! Rowing frame, motor mount and sail kit are also available.

Pro Pioneer
$2,695 in Hypalon / neoprene
L: 16'; W: 48"; 86 lbs.
The canoe that has revolutionized float hunting in Alaska. The Pro carries the big payload. Extra D-rings, side handles, and factory-equipped Row Saddle D-rings make this the best small craft for carrying 1500 lbs. of gear. Excels in both shallow and technical water.