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Shred Ready Vixen Helmet
$149 shredready.com
This one’s for the ladies. The Shred Ready Vixen Helmet is made from fiberglass and armid fiber with marine vinylester resins, ensuring protection tough enough for all your paddling adventures. It’s certainly taken care of me for all of mine.

I’ve hit my share of rocks and scraped along shallow areas when my boat ran rapids upside down. Not only does the external frame keep my noggin protected, the interchangeable compression molded closed-cell foam fitting pads absorb most of the shock from the impacts, leaving me less dazed when I roll up (usually).

I have also tried almost every single helmet on the market for size, and the Shred Ready Vixen hands down contours best to the shape and size of my head (most likely a coincidence, but a good one to have). And while it doesn’t help or hinder the safety or performance features of the helmet, the overall design and color choice are pretty awesome. Everyone can see me on the river when I’m flashing bright pink in the rapid.