Chemainus, British Columbia
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Amnik 145
$2,365 in Thermoformed ZyTx
L: 14'5"; W: 24"; 56 lbs.
The Amnik 145 is full featured as all our touring boats. It is surprisingly fast for its smaller length and is extremely stable. The Amnik 14.5 offers ample room with a cockpit that is lower in the rear for easy entrances and exits. It is a remarkably fun kayak that is terrific for the whole family.

Chinook TX
$2,395 in Thermoformed ZyTx
L: 17'; W: 24"; 56 lbs.
Incredible stability and storage capacity! Coupled with our NEW rudder deployment system, the Chinook is not only incredibly stable – ideal for fishing, photography and wildlife viewing – but with its long waterline length, astounding volume, dry ride and agile performance, the Chinook is a capable long range cruiser yet a fun kayak for an afternoon paddle.

$2,395 in Thermoformed ZyTx
L: 16'2"; W: 23"; 52 lbs.
A Stable, quick and responsive Cosma in Seaward's Zy-Tx. The Cosma's fine entry, moderate rocker, 23" beam and shallow `Vee' multi-chined hull makes this a stable and seaworthy light touring and day boat. The multiple chines create a superb platform for edging and secondary stabilty. A slight increase in depth over a regular Cosma makes this kayak ideally suited for many paddlers.

Infinity 175
$2,495 in Thermoformed ZyTx
L: 17'5"; W: 23.5"; 55 lbs.
Coupled with our new kink free skeg deployment system, both the 175 and 155 have startling maneuverability, easy edging and superb secondary stability. The Infiniti TX series feature a day hatch, quick release rescue straps, locking point, "Sea Dog" foot pedals, sealed bulkheads, ,padded adjustable thigh braces and adjustable backrest.

Passage TX
$2,895 in Thermoformed ZyTx
L: 18'3"; W: 29"; 75 lbs.
Seaward's newest Thermoform double, is a speedy, lightweight tandem with a stable hull, comfortable for new and experienced paddlers. We have developed the cockpits to accommodate paddlers of all sizes. The outstanding comfort of the Passage is excellent for an afternoon cruise or a multi-day trip. Just another proven Seaward Kayaks design.