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330 Sport Kayak
$249 for Deluxe Package in 33 mil PolyKrylar PVC
L: 11'2"; W: 2'10"; 26 lbs.
Our most popular kayak, the SE-330 is perfect for beginners and great for those more experienced. The SE-330 is lightweight enough to use solo but durable enough to use on class III whitewater, lakes and bays. This is the easiest, most portable & fun inflatable kayak that we sell.

380X Explorer Kayak
$949 for Deluxe Package, $1149 for Pro Kayak Package in 1000-denier reinforced PVC
L: 12’6″; W: 3’1″; 47 lbs.
Our 380X is designed with self-bailing drain valves and a reinforced PVC material to easily handle wild rivers (up to Class IV). With a beam just over 3 inches you get extreme stability as well in an ideal kayak for fishing and overnight camping trips.

385FT FastTrack Kayak
$1,149 for Pro Kayak Package in 1000 Denier Reinforced PVC
L: 12'6"; W: 2'10"; 35 lbs.

Our NEW Sea Eagle FastTrack implements a drop stitch floor for rock solid rigidity that is so stable you could even use the FastTrack as a stand-up paddleboard. An outside drop stitch keel and large skeg in the stern make this our fastest and most stable kayak.

435PS PaddleSki
$1199 for Pro Kayak Package in 1000-denier reinforced PVC
L: 14′; W: 3’3″; 41 lbs.
Our most versatile craft, the 435PS can be fished, motored, paddled, rowed or sailed-why we refer to it as five boats in one. The catamaran design takes a wider stance on the water (more stability) and creates less drag (more speed), making it easier to use than most traditional kayaks.

Sea Eagle LB-11 LongBoard
$1,089 for Deluxe Package in 1000 Denier Reinforced PVC w/High Pressure Drop Stitched Floor
L: 11'; W: 2'6"; 25 lbs.
The LB-11 is the 1st paddleboard that you can paddle standing up or sitting down (includes both stand-up and kayak paddle). The LB-11 gives you the maximum amount of flexibility so you can enjoy a no-pressure tour of a quiet lake, or tear up the surf like a pro.