Sea Eagle Inflatables Needlenose SUP

The NeedleNose™ shatters inflatable SUP stereotypes. Tough, 6-inch-thick air channels handle 15 PSI max air pressure, ensuring a stiff board with performance on par with composites. Then there's the patent pending "NeedleNose™" design, an arrow-shaped bow that slices through the water. This combo creates a fast board that glides and tracks beautifully. Yet, with a full-length pad, good stability and a kick tail it remains maneuverable and fun to paddle in all conditions. Comes with pump and paddle in three sizes, 11'6", 12'6" and 14'. ($899, $999 & $1099)

Note: This review is part of a special product preview series. Some items may not be available at this time. Please check with manufacturer for more information.

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