The SansBug 3-Person popup tent

Photo by Rob Lyon

SansBug 3-Person Popup Tent
3P – 4.4 pounds

By Rob Lyon

A popup style tent that is mostly mesh and a good choice for dry, buggy trips, like high-desert river canyons. We ran the 4.4-pound, 3-person version (as seen above) on a recent trip, and it worked sweetly. You might not need the extra room the 3P provides but it does corral all your stuff, leaving plenty of space for cot and pad.

The pop up is quick as a blink, but I had to call in my mates to figure out how to break it down. It's a bit like a Rubik's Cube and provided good sport, though it might have been helpful to watch the instructional video (below) before setting out.

When packed up, its footprint is broad and flat (a 34-inch disc), nice for draping over the gear hump in a baggage raft or folding into a canoe but not applicable for a kayak.

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