Each Tuesday, we'll highlight a company in Canoe and Kayak's 2010 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2010 designs of AIRE’s Tributary line. Stay tuned next week for more sacred crafts.

Tomcat LV
$499 in PVC
L: 8’4″; W 28″; 26.5 lbs.

It is important for a kayak to fit well so the paddler can be comfortable and confident. The Tomcat LV (Low Volume) is designed specifically for youths and smaller paddlers so they can learn to paddle properly. This kayak is quick, responsive and stable.

$850 in PVC
L:10’3″; W: 37.5″; 36 lbs.

This crossover inflatable kayak has something for everyone. Its unique hull design makes the Strike a maneuverable whitewater boat and a great tracking flatwater kayak. It’s a versatile boat for new or experienced paddlers and a smart choice for kayakers on a budget.

Sawtooth II
$850 in PVC
L: 15’1″; W: 32.5″; 51 lbs.

The new Sawtooth II is a two-person, flatwater kayak that is the perfect choice for a paddle around the lake or a serious excursion with gear. This boat tracks effortlessly due to its efficient hull design and its included removable skeg.

9.5 SB
$1899 in PVC
L: 9’7″; W: 5’4″; 69 lbs.

The 9.5 SB is built for creek boating, waterfalls, surfing and any other piece of water you and friend want to run. The design and durable construction of the 9.5 SB makes it the best R-2 and R-3 raft on the market.

14.0 SB
$2950 in PVC
L: 14’3″; W: 6’10”; 123 lbs.

The 14.0 SB is a great raft for friends and families to use all summer long. It was engineered to be our most affordable all-around raft. This raft comes standard with three thwarts for paddle boating and 1600-lb. capacity for a frame and gear.