Mostly I am NOT an electronics-in-the-wilderness kind of guy. I leave the phone, the lap top, the GPS, everything, behind. Recently, though, my father has been in and out of the hospital and I needed to stay in touch from the backcountry, so I took my phone. I also took the Kodiak Power-Bank lithium-ion charger system. While I remain a reluctant and occasional user of electronics in the wilds, I understand that the world is embracing the plethora of electronics on trips. So, here we are, faced with the problem of charging up far from the nearest outlet.

The nice thing about the Power-Bank 6000 is that it doesn't rely on changeable environmental conditions to provide juice (sunlight, dry wood . . .). Charge it up at home before you leave, and it ramps up for hours wherever you are. It is also compact, a tad larger than a pack of cards, and comes in a shock-resistant, waterproof case. I carried it in my dry box and used it several times over the week to fully recharge my phone. An indicator light tells you the remaining battery life, and mine only used 25 percent of the capacity during the week. It is advertised to completely charge a smart phone 3 times before needing a recharge. Seemed like a solid, compact and hassle-free solution to me.

Intel: $49.95; 9.4 oz.;

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Outdoor Tech - Kodiak Power-Bank 6000

Outdoor Tech – Kodiak Power-Bank 6000