It's a great concept that involves a little bit of learning curve. Here's the basic idea. Take a down, 3-season bag and make it adjustable – snug and cozy on 20-degree nights, relaxed and open around the shoulders for the summer evenings, and spread wide for the scorchers. Set it up with magnet closures for the different widths, and thereby eliminate that annoying zipper noise and tendency to snag on fabric. That's the nozipp nugget, and product will be available late summer 2016 (August 1st target date). We field-tested a prototype on the Owyhee River in Oregon this May. Some nights were frosty, others balmy, so it was a perfect testing ground. Took about two nights to dial it in, but after that, all good – from cocoon to wide open.

The bag is solid – 850-fill duck down, less than 2.5 lbs., compact size. The difference is the round magnets embedded in the upper half of the bag, aligned along the three different width settings. This is where the learning curve comes in. The magnets are quite strong, so when it comes out of the stuff sack, it's likely all glommed together in a magnetized knot. Don't be shy, just pull them all apart, then lay out the bag with the top wide open. When you slide in for the night, line up the magnets to the snugness you desire, and be done with it. Frankly, it works fine to roughly line things up and not overthink it. If it's too tight or too loose, make the adjustment and go back to sleep. Cool idea. Play around with it a bit and enjoy.

Intel: nozipp.com; $419 (reg.) – $439 (lg.); 2 lb. 6 oz. (reg.); comfort rated to 15 degrees.

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