L: 14'; W: 29.5"; 52 LBS.; Thermoformed Plastic. $1,349, HURRICANEAQUASPORTS.COM

The Skimmer 140 is the longest and the narrowest in the group, weighs in at just over 50 pounds, and is lovely to look at. I like pretty boats. So sue me.

There's plenty of storage in the Skimmer, and loading the front hatch is easy, thanks to the 16-inch oval hatch. I put two 20-liter and two 35-liter dry bags in the hatch, and still had room to spare. A big 70-liter bag t nicely on the Skimmer's recessed rear deck. I would feel comfortable camping out of this kayak.

The Skimmer drains via two large scuppers; one in the cockpit and one in the rear recess. A quick measurement showed the bottom of the hull is a full four inches below the deck, which means there wasn't much water coming up through the scupper.

Two 5-inch hatches allow access to the hull. They were probably placed there for ease of assembly, but Hurricane added a plastic pail insert, which gives you a nice place to put your keys and other small items you want to have accessible. The seat is well-made and snaps in and out quickly.

How does it paddle? Four different paddlers tried it and all were pleased with its performance. All of them commented that it was more stable and faster than they expected. That said, the smaller paddlers felt it caught the wind and tended to leecock (turn away from the wind), and since the seat isn't adjustable it wasn't possible to trim the kayak to compensate. Adding a drybag with some water in it up in the front hatch dropped the bow a little and helped. It's not a fatal aw; it's just something to be aware of. If you are paddling on a long day-trip or overnighter, be sure to pack a little bow-heavy.

At $1,349, it's the same price as the Ride, but 30 pounds lighter. Basically, you need to decide if you want light or you want luxury, and make your choice.


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