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Frontcountry Bed Duo

(SierraDesigns.com, $200)

For outdoorsy couples, sleeping bags have long been a nuisance; zipping two bags together requires a purchase of compatible models, while using a single bag as a quilt is drafty and can leave you laying directly on your pad. One solution is the double sleeping bag or “sleeping” bag as it’s referred to on the not-so-subtle packaging of the Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed Duo.

The Duo is the ultimate in comfort: it’s cushy, spacious and allows each sleeper to get the ventilation they need. My fiancee and I took the bed on a recent canoe trip in Colorado and loved the way its zipperless design makes it easy to adjust with changing temperatures. The top layer features an integrated tongue which can be easily thrown off like a comforter at home and keeps it from feeling constricting. The zipperless vents at the bottom of the bag allow you to kick your feet free on warm nights, an ideal feature for tall sleepers like myself. Sleeping pads slide into the sleeves along the bottom of the bag, keeping them from inching apart and adding to its bed-like feel. The bag is rated to 27 degrees and, based on the frost on the bag one chilly morning, we comfortably approached its recommended limit.

The drawback? This bed is a behemoth. Weighing nearly eight pounds and packing down to the size of a mini-fridge, this won’t be your go-to bag on trips where weight and space are at a premium. (Sierra Designs offers the four-pound, down Backcountry Bed, $500, for such expeditions.) But for an overnight canoe trip, a multi-day raft float, or simple car camping, you can’t beat the affordability and comfort of the Frontcountry Bed Duo for all your sleeping and “sleeping” needs.

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