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Tangent 14 LP
Designed for smaller paddlers, this boat is more stable than the standard 14. The standard 14 has a wider seat and greater freeboard for people who require more volume. Custom composite layup means buyer has the ability to control weight.

Tangent 16
This boat is the widest of the series, at 27 inches it is the most stable. However it also has the least amount of volume in the ends and a smaller cockpit, providing greater penetration in the chop. Intended for short to medium height paddlers.

Tangent 15 LP
This boat has the greatest volume in the bow, is super stable with low windage, and with a flat planing hull, gives average-built users an alternative experience when paddling on large, protected bodies of water when the sea breeze kicks in and the chop picks up. All are boats built to order, so composite layup determines weight-Your choice.

Tangent 17 LP
Intended for daddy long-legs. These boats allow even the tallest paddlers with an opportunity to feel the excitement of going through the chop and riding the waves without feeling confined. The 17 LP has less volume than the standard, with a lower center of gravity for greater control and stability.

Tangent 17
This boat is the same as the 17 LP, but has more freeboard and volume for nutritionally challenged paddlers. This boat can accommodate even the largest amounts of gear given that the user is experienced in trimming the hull for optimum performance. The customer always has a choice.