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$1,099 in high-density polyethylene
Small – L: 5'7"; W: 24.5"; 46.2 gals., 30.4 lbs.
Medium – L: 6'1"; W: 25.5"; 52.8 gals., 30.8 lbs.
Large – L: 6'3"; W: 26.5"; 65 gals., 33.3 lbs.
The Molan is a dynamic, user-friendly playing machine that will throw-down for pros and beginners alike. Two-way rails release easily for smooth transitions and keep the hull super loose. Evenly distributed volume will give you massive loops and a predictable ride. Get ready to go big–Molan.

$1,099 in high-density polyethylene
Medium – L: 6'7"; W: 25.5"; 58 gals., 31.9 lbs.
River play is what the new Varun is all about. Pyranha took the winning Molan hull and tweaked it for maximum all-day fun and river-running performance. The Varun is forgiving, loose and comfortable–perfect for surfing, squirts, cartwheels and loops. Get ready to Play the River all over again.

$949/$849 in high-density polyethylene with Connect 30 outfitting/with River Tour outfitting.
Standard – L: 10'2"; W: 26"; 81.5 gals., 45.8 lbs.
Small – L: 9'8"; W: 25"; 66 gals., 40.7 lbs.
The Fusion is equally at home punching holes and adventuring down riffles on your local Class 2 river. Drop the skeg for flatwater paddling and load-up the rear compartment for multi-day adventures. Available in two sizes so that everyone can join in the fun.

$1,099 in high-density polyethylene
Small—L: 7'9"; W: 25"; 63 gals., 37.4 lbs.
Medium—L: 8'; W: 25.5"; 72.4 gals., 41.8 lbs.
Large—L: 8'3"; W: 27"; 80 gals., 46 lbs.
The world's top-selling river runner just got better. Pyranha revised the Burn in 2010 to meet the demands of serious paddlers worldwide. The new Burn has increased rocker, refined volume distribution and tuned edges—changes that bring more precision and control when you need it most.

$899 in high-density polyethylene
Medium – L: 8'4"; W: 25.5"; 74 gals., 46 lbs.

Large – L: 8'5"; W: 26.25"; 80 gals., 48 lbs.
The Karnali is stable, predictable and confidence inspiring. As a river runner, the Karnali is a forgiving and fun first ride. As a creeker, the Karnali is precise and fast. Balanced volume, soft rails and generous rocker combine to make the Karnali work with you whatever your skill level.