2016 River-Runners: Pyranha Burn III XL

If you like crisp hard edges and fast responsive hulls, this boat will light your fire

By Nick Hinds / Photos and video by Dan Patrinellis and Mike Hagadorn
L: 8'6"; W: 27.3"; 89.3 gals., 49 lbs. $1199, pyranha.com

Pyranha Burn III  XL

Pyranha Burn III XL

The Burn XL is a performance river runner for big boys, and this newest generation Burn has a wicked edge that extends all the way to the stern. We found the Burn III to be a playful kayak that surfs green waves with unmatched performance. XL stands for extra large, and this boat packs nearly 90 gallons of volume spread throughout the length of the boat, giving it great surfacing ability and buoyancy when punching holes. With its moderate rocker profile, this boat is fast and tracks well.

Used carefully, that long edge is a beautiful tool. Edge-to-edge transfers will delight skilled paddlers, but could trip up the less experienced. It excels in bigger water, with great primary stability and the ability to carry speed, hold a rail and track laterally across the river with ease. We found the edgy, low-rocker hull likes to grab rocks rather than slide over them, but this boat isn't meant for low-volume runs.

The boat has enough leg room for even the largest of legs and enough volume for the heaviest of paddlers. Whether testing or buying, make sure you have the correct foot plate. The XL comes with a larger foot plate for shorter folks and a smaller one for long-legged daddys. If you want a performance river runner that surfs like Kelly Slater at Pipeline, the Burn III is your ticket.


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