Uncharted watercraft debuts Outbound and Scorpion "pod" kayaks

Uncharted Watercraft Outbound GT

($1,235, unchartedwatercraft.com)

Formex Manufacturing is making a bold "future of kayaking" claim with its new Uncharted Watercraft line billed as the most compact and portable hardshell kayak on the market today. With an emphasis on angling, the 11-foot Outbound GT ($1,235), comes with two rod holders in the rear float and one in the front, as well as two 6-inch storage hatches. With a capacity of 500 pounds, the three-piece frame packs up like a clamshell for convenient storage and easy transportation (use the wheels provided to roll it like a suitcase into a truck bed).

The solid sit-on-top design (built from twin-sheet polyethylene) has a touring-first sister craft in the Scorpion FX ($975). The 8-foot-long craft’s split-front floats and mid-frame disassemble in seconds and pack into the rear float. Once packed up, the 58-pound Scorpion pod fits into the trunk of most cars and can be shipped via Fed EX or UPS with no oversized charges.

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