By Nick Hinds / Photos and video by Dan Patrinellis and Mike Hagadorn
L: 8'9.5"; W: 26.5"; 79 gals., 48.5 lbs., $1,249

prijon curve

The Curve starts with one big thing in its favor. Like all Prijon boats, it's molded from a proprietary HTP plastic that is legendary for its strength and durability. The boat is light, stiff and strong, factors that you'll notice when ripping a boof stroke or bumping down low volume technical sections. At just under 9 feet with a planning hull and relatively small amount of rocker, the Curve's ample hull speed is evident when peeling out of eddies and ferrying across current. The outfitting earned mixed reviews. I found the seat and thigh braces to be comfortable and easily adjustable. Another reviewer remarked that the seating geometry felt unusual, and left his hips cramping after a full day in the saddle. Fit is a personal thing, so try before you buy.

We found the Curve to be a jack-of-all trades. It performs a wide variety of river-running tasks with workmanlike efficiency, but doesn't excel at any one thing. It surfs and punches holes well, boofs super easily and turns on a dime. The pronounced edge provides good tracking without feeling squirrely, at least in moderate whitewater. In the creeky Class IV+ drops of Canyon Creek of the Lewis, the Curve felt a little out of its element, especially with a 210-pound paddler aboard. If you want a boat that is going to be easy to carry, last forever, surf green waves and make class III-IV river running feel sporty again, the Curve could be the boat for you.


Curve 3.0
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