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L: 17'; W: 31" max beam; approx 35 lbs.
Offered only in Cobra XLT, with S-gunwales
The Ohneka is flared at both ends with tumblehome in the middle. Designed to be paddled with double blades, the carbon/Kevlar S-gunwales narrow at the paddling stations, allowing for better access to the water and more vertical paddle strokes. Fore/aft adjustable seats complete the package.

Top view—L: 15′, waterline 14’7″; Length/Width ratio: 7.5; 28 lbs. Side view—Shear: bow 17″; mid 11″; stern 15″; Rocker: bow 1.5″, stern 1″. End view—Beam: rails 24″; max 27.5″
The RapidFire is a pack canoe with stunning speed—a lightning-fast tripper that runs with sea kayaks. Asymmetrical hull shape, shear and rocker, and shouldered tumblehome combine in a wildly efficient and sophisticated package that glides, tracks, turns and handles wind and waves. May also be rigged as a single-blade tripper for smaller paddlers.

Top view—L: 12′, waterline 11’7″; Length/Width ratio: 5.8; 20-24 lbs. Side View—Shear: bow 17″; mid 11″; stern 15″; Rocker: bow 1.5″, stern 1″. End View—Beam: rails 24″; max 27.5″
The SpitFire is a modern remake of the classic Adirondack pack canoe, shouldered to improve dryness and to allow more vertical paddle strokes. Offered with carbon/Kevlar gunwales or traditional cherry rails and molded carbon seats, it is the most sophisticated pack canoe ever designed. SpitFire is fun and functional for paddlers of all sizes and skill levels.

L: 13'; W: 29"; 23 lbs.
Reviewed in the July 2010 issue of Canoe & Kayak, SpitFire 13 is a slightly higher capacity version of our popular 12' pack canoe. Great tracking turning, and glide all in a 23-pound package, SpitFire 13 is ideal for larger folks or those who need to carry a lot of gear and still prefer a shorter boat.

L: 16'; W: 25"; 25 lbs.
Just introduced, the Shadow combines the best features of a sea kayak (3" bow rocker, 1.5" stern, 25" max width) with those of a highly efficient solo canoe. Built for shorter trips and just plain fast fun, this one moves, easily cruising in the high 5- low 6- MPH-range with proper power plant. All in a 25-pound package.