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$3,599 in fiberglass/Diolen; $4099 in Kevlar/carbon
LV—L: 17'5"; W: 21.25"; 53.4 lbs. in Diolen, 49.6 lbs. in K/c.
MV—L: 17'7"; W: 21.5"; 61.2 lbs. in Diolen, 51.3 lbs. in K/c.
HV—L: 17'10"; W: 22.5"; 63.2 lbs. in Diolen, 55.7 lbs. in K/c.
The P&H Cetus is the choice of expedition paddlers and coaches worldwide. Rock solid stability in rough conditions is paired with playful maneuverability to create an expedition kayak that appeals to beginner and expert alike. For 2011 P&H is introducing a high volume version of the Cetus—the Cetus HV.

$1,999 in Corelite three-layer polyethylene
170—L: 16'11"; W: 22"; 63 lbs.
168—L: 16'7"; W: 21"; 55 lbs.

The Scorpio is the polyethylene version of the proven Cetus. Like the Cetus, the Scorpio has an efficient hull shape that is stable and easy to control. Made in super-stiff Corelite plastic, the Scorpio is a great choice for paddlers who want expedition performance in a polyethylene hull.

$3,299 in fiberglass/Diolen; $3699 in Kevlar/carbon
155—L: 15'5"; W: 22.5"; 55.1 lbs. in Diolen, TBA in K/c.
150—L: 15'; W: 21.5"; 50.7 lbs. in Diolen, TBA in K/c.

The Aries is a composite version of the ground-breaking P&H Delphin. Refined lines make this ocean playboat fast and efficient. Delphin heritage insures maximum performance in tide races and ocean surf. The Aries is stable and maneuverable–perfect choice for play, day-trips and weekend adventures.

$1,799 in Corelite three-layer polyethylene
155—L: 15'5"; W: 22.5"; TBA lbs.
150—L: 15'; W: 21.5"; TBA lbs.

The P&H Delphin is a new kind of kayak. Designed from the ground up for ocean play in tide races and rock gardens, the Delphin will help you to push your limits–whatever your skill level. Forgiving and stable for beginners, performance tuned for experts. Delphin–Play the Sea.

$2,999 in fiberglass/Diolen; $3399 in Kevlar/carbon
161—L: 16'1"; W: 21.5"; 55.1 lbs. in Diolen, TBA in K/c.
163—L: 16'5"; W: 22"; 55.1 lbs. in Diolen, TBA in K/c.
167—L: 16'9"; W: 22.5"; 55.3 lbs. in Diolen, TBA in K/c.
173—L: 17'3"; W: 23"; 64.4 lbs in Diolen, TBA in K/c.

The Capella puts a modern twist on classic British sea kayak design. Its moderate 'V' hull provides comforting initial stability, while soft chines give responsive edging and confidence-inspiring secondary stability. The Capella is an ideal choice for an all-round sea kayak and a perfect introduction to performance kayaking.