Pelican Case

Pelican 1500 Case
MSRP: Around $175 (

When water and impact protection are your top priority it's hard to go wrong with Pelican's durable hard-shell plastic cases—especially when space and weight are not the biggest concerns. These cases come in many sizes, perfect for fitting to a particular piece of gear. They also have a near perfect track record for protecting equipment. If you want to shoot on rivers, lakes or oceans using high-end video cameras, then you pretty much need this kind of security. The snap-latches allow speedy opening and closing—an important feature when shooting in changeable conditions. The reassuring click lets you know your gear is secure, no matter what comes next. When a Peli box is open, however, it's wide open. That leaves your gear more vulnerable to splashes and rogue waves than it would be in an unsealed drybag for example. The other drawback is their size and bulk. Cases big enough to secure a DSLR and a lens or two don't fit easily into kayaks. If you're taking a camera collection down the Grand Canyon on an 18-foot raft, on the other hand, you can't do better than a Pelican case.


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