Krave Jerky


Chef's Cuts


4505 Meats


Flavor Tender and addictive. One package reportedly contains 2.5 servings; don’t say we didn’t warn ya Refined—not too zesty—with a unique array of taste options in beef, chicken and pork Crispy, salty, deep-fried pork fat—the perfect match for a takeout cold one; not recommended for recovering vegetarians
Highlights Minimally processed ingredients and (relatively) low in sodium Chef-crafted marinades and slow-cooked meats 4505 meats is committed to “whole animal butchery.” Indulging in deep-fried goodness never felt so good
Best for Compulsive snacking—obviously; Krave’s tangy flavor also spices up bland camp dinners Injecting a potent dose of lean protein into your trail lunch Apres-paddling in your buddy’s vehicle. Go ahead—wipe your hands on the seats
Price Single (2.7 oz): $5.99

8 pack: $43.92

 4 pack (2.5 oz each): $25.95

8 pack: $49.95


Single (2.5-3 oz bag): $4.49

(Sold in 12-bag cases for $53.99 including shipping)

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