Alleanna Clark in the surfing competition in the Performance Paddling Junior Pro & Youth SUP Fiesta at Bolsa Chica. Photo: Clark Family

Nutcase Helmet for Water
MSRP: $75

Being a long-time surfer and ocean sports enthusiast I've never been a big fan of wearing helmets. Trying to find one that was comfortable and performed the way I needed was a never-ending battle. For the river, though, they’re a necessity.

Canoe & Kayak magazine needed some helmets tested, and I got the opportunity to check out the Nutcase Water Sport Helmet, and it changed my perception 180 degrees. This helmet is lightweight, and the padding is extremely water resistant. The chinstrap is strong and comfortable, and the magnetic closure won't pinch your neck like the old-style buckles. After a few close encounters with boards, paddles and rocks I'm a big fan of the ear protection used in this model. My helmet featured the shark attack graphics, and it got a lot of compliments. The finish is very tough and held up well rolling around in the back of my car with my other gear and dealing with a fine layer of sediment from many trips to the beach & river.

I'm stoked to use find a watersports helmet that works and hope to have a Nutcase in my future ocean & river adventures.

Chris Koerner is a team rider for ULI Boards.

Getting ready to race.