NRS H2Core Silkweight Long-Sleeve Shirt

Getting a handle on the 16-foot oar raft. Long days spent rowing along down the calm stretches of the Colorado River. Photo Matthew Christie

NRS Women’s H2Core Silkweight Long-Sleeve Shirt


Review by Charli Kerns

Three things you notice right away on the Grand Canyon: your constant need for water, the heat, and the intensity of the sun. Within the first three days every bit of exposed skin was burnt red. I needed to cover up without cooking my self in the intense heat. The NRS H2Core Silkweight Long-Sleeve became my saving grace. I wore that shirt from the moment the sun hit camp in the morning until it dropped behind the canyon rim in the evening. The UPF-30 nylon/spandex blend shielded my skin, wicked moisture and somehow kept me from overheating. I still applied sunscreen every few hours to be sure. My upper body healed, and while I never got the tan everyone else could show off, I was still pretty happy with how that trip turned out. I didn't need a tan to show off my experience down in the Grand Canyon. My numerous bumps, bruises and scratches were plenty.

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