Nemo Pentalite
5 lbs., 77sf, 3P/4P, Vestibule 20 sq ft

A slightly different take on the nouveau teepee-style tent, the Pentalite has 5 sides and room for four and gear.  Space to weight ratio is very high, weighing in just under 5 lbs. (with included pole).  Center-pole can be subbed with paddles or driftwood to cut weight further.  The Pentalite has a sophisticated, optional floor design, called the ‘Wedge.’  Adding a couple of pounds to the package, it effectively provides a floor and mosquito mesh to the shelter.  Utilizing a combination of snaps, zippers and Velcro, I found it a bit confusing to attach and left wondering why they chose no less than three different attaching methods for the operation.  Fair venting overall, very good with front flap open; it is a single wall in the end and will have a sheen of condensation on the inner walls come morning.   Perhaps the most advantageous configuration of this unit is the fly and pole, alone.

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