Nemo GoGo Ex
3 lbs., 1P/3S, 20 sq ft, Vestibule 15 sq ft

This is my go-to high desert river float shelter and features a two wall system (rare in this class) and I for one, can dig it.  I have yet to find a snug single wall that doesn't have me feeling like I'm sleeping in a condom. With the GoGo Ex, you have the option of a pure mesh top or a full coverage fly with mini-vestibule, or with the fly rolled back, something in between.  The door zips are well situated and there is ample headroom, enough room to even keep your clothes inside and your boots in the vestibule. The height at the feet is a little low and with my 2.5 inch pad and bag it's a little snug.  What's over-the-top-cool about this thing is the structural component.  In a word, AIR.  That's right.  As with several other Nemo tents, a vinyl tube inflates effortlessly with a nifty blow/squeeze pump.  Quick as a wink, the flaccid tube becomes rock hard and safely lasts WAY longer than four hours.  Get it as hard as you can to prevent creasing or buckling though.  It works well and is a marvel of design.  As with the Wedge Bivy, the caveat here is livability.

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