Greensboro, NC

INUIT 14.5

L: 14'6"; W: 24.5"; 61 lbs.

The Inuit series is stable enough for beginners but has comfort and maneuverability that the most seasoned paddling veteran will appreciate. The shorter hull makes turning easier but the Tru Track Hull provides the smooth tracking of much longer boats while the 5 Star Seating wraps you in lasting comfort.

L: 12'1"; W: 30"; 55 lbs.

This unique watercraft series comes with innovative features like the Adapt-A-Trak and new Groove Track accessory systems, stable Tunnel Hull and plush First Class seat that ensure every paddling expedition, fishing trip or photography session is successful, fun and performed in unparalleled comfort.

L: 12'6"; W: 32"; 87 lbs.

No other SOT can match the combination of comfort, maneuverability, cruising power and stability of the Mariner series with Propel pedal drive. You can pedal forward or backward and sit or stand from this exceptionally versatile kayak. Plus no other SOT offers the luxurious comfort of the First Class Seat!



L: 12'2"; W: 30"; 64 lbs.

The Manta Ray series has all the best attributes that make us love sit on tops but combines them with contemporary features like the Groove accessory system, Tag Along wheel and DVC Deluxe seating system that provide convenience and comfort far above the traditional standards.

L: 12'3"; W: 33"; 55 lbs.

Standing or sitting, paddling, poling or fishing, the Versa Board is super stable, maneuverable, and Fun! This go anywhere – do anything hybrid brings out the best of sit on top kayaks and SUP's. Throw in the wheel, drop down skeg, and Groove accessory attachment system to make it supreme.