Each week, we highlight companies in Canoe & Kayak's 2011 Boat Book. Today, we look at the 2011 designs of Mad River Canoe. Stay tuned next week for more from our Boat Book.


$2749/$2969 (aluminum/wood gunwales), Kevlar composite
L: 16'5.25" ; W: 34.5" ; 43lbs
Based on the timeless, versatile design of the Malecite, this sleek traveler is lighter and more responsive than ever. While the light-weight Kevlar/foam core material is about swift performance in flatwater and even twisty waterways, it also offers gorgeous design detail, including our trademark bunny raised on the interior floor.


$1,729 (wood gunwales only), Royalex
L: 14’9″; W: 35.75″; 64 lbs.; Cap.: 850 lbs.
Its unmistakable and classic olive drab hull, cane seats, and slotted wood gunwales harken back to a simpler, more elegant era. This new shorter and lighter Duckhunter model is ideal for sportsmen navigating the twisty marshes by the coast or for any paddler who appreciates timeless design.


$1,429/$1,649 (aluminum/wood gunwales), Royalex
L: 15' 11.25"; W: 35.25"; 65 lbs.; Cap.: 1100 lbs.
The iconic Explorer Canoe series has shed a few pounds for the Explorer LT. This reduced weight makes the LT easier to handle, load and unload, while its Royalex hull provides plenty of care-free durability for mild to moderate waters. Great for family outings and long trips.

$899, Triple Tough
L: 15'8" ; W: 38" ; 80lbs

Crafted by renowned designer Jim Henry, the new Journey is a welcoming and durable design that's at home at summer camp, but with a level of sophistication for adventurers on all types of water. Built for stability and versatility, the trusted three-layer material is great for tight or twisty rivers with rocky conditions.


$1,449/$1769 (vinyl/wood gunwales), Royalex
L: 16′; W: 33.5″; 72 lbs.; Cap.: 1100 lbs.
The flared, shallow-arched hull of the Legend 16 translates to a superb river runner or tripping canoe. A well-proven choice for shallow, boisterous rivers with capacity for extended mixed water trips with or without gear.