LoweproDryzone 200
MSRP: $330 (lowepro.com)

Being a photo editor for an outdoor sports magazine is a pretty great gig, especially at a place like Canoe & Kayak where a big part of the job is getting out in the field to shoot photos. If there's a downside to traveling the world to paddle in and photograph amazing places, though, it's hauling all the necessary gear. Since last summer I have employed the Dryzone 200 by Lowepro as my go-to camera backpack. I use the pack to hold nearly all my camera gear on a trip: two bodies plus three lenses, flash unit and extra goodies. The internal compartment zips up inside a thick rubber container. Lowepro uses a watertight, patented TIZIP® EasySeal zipper to hold it all together. I know it works because I swam through an underground river in Belize this winter, and my precious cargo stayed bone-dry inside the pack. When I'm shooting in a boat, my go-to protection is the Watershed Chattooga Drybag. When I need to carry more gear in the field, especially when hiking and portaging is in the plan, the Dryzone 200 is my choice. The only downfall is that in can be time-consuming to get my cameras in and out of the bag. So I prefer to use the Dryzone pack for storage while in the boat, and bust out the collapsible Watershed when I'm actually paddling. I also wish the bag came in a larger size as it won't take long for most pro photographers to stuff this bag to capacity. If you prefer to shoot with less equipment then this bag will be ideal.

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