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The River Rover
$1,275 in EPS/Epoxy construction
L: 14'; W: 32"; 37 lbs.

The ultimate expedition SUP. This board is designed to carry a lot of weight and has numerous tie downs for all your gear. Effortless glide, excellent tracking, and extreme stabiity. Whether it be fishing, camping, snorkeling, diving, exploring, or touring – this is the board for your next adventure.

Mr. Toads Wild Ride
$1,075 in EPS/Epox construction
L: 11'6"; W: 30"; 29 lbs.

Designed as one of our sport models, this board is fast, agile, very responsive…..yet still very stable. It is a perfect fit for the typical sports enthusiast and a great size for training, fitness, and recreational racing.

The Heavenly
$1,175 in EPS/Epoxy construction
L: 12'6"; W: 33"; 33 lbs.

The most stable all around recreational flat-water touring SUP on the market. This board is designed for the whole family in mind and is perfect for the beginning to intermediate skill levels. Experience the comfort, ease, and convenience of this popular resort board.

The Wet Woody
$1,675 in Fiberglass/Epoxy hollow construction
L: 12'6"; W: 33"; TBD

A fully wrapped beautiful wood finish makes this board one of the favorites. With the same dimensions and characteristics as The Heavenly model, this board fully defines what a Classic Resort board should be.