Kelty Gunnison Pro 3.1
3P/3S, 8 lbs., 48sf, Vestibule 20 sq ft

The Gunnison line has been a around several years and the 3.1 won an award for its all around value.  The 'PRO' version has some added features like a vented fly and mesh pockets.  The added ventilation is a good thing with a tent that has difficulty keeping adequate air space between the body and fly.  What I like about this model is three fold: the roominess, the ease of set up and the price point.  Not only is there as much interior space as a VE-25, although not as livable with only the two poles, the vestibules are ample for sea kayakers’ dry baggage.  It erects quickly with a two pole swivel hub and color coded clips.  The lines are low and simple and elegant, if not taut.  Full length fly sheet is a necessary inclusion.  Tent could benefit from a footprint as the floor is rated at 2,000mm PU, while most 4S models are up at about 10,000mm, meaning more resistance to water intrusion.  This is the only MP model listed here and I would not recommend it on the open coast in weather.  If you run with one though, pitch it in as protected an spot as possible.

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