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Zazzzu K2
L: 21'3" W: 21"
Zazzzu K2 is based on the award winning features of the Nem but in a double Kayak. It is a fast, Ocean and flat racing K2. Stable and able to contend with all conditions. Its pronounced buoyant bow allows "with ease Surfing" without fear of burying. Zazzzu K2 out performs any other all–condition K2's in both flat water and on the Ocean. It comes complete with hatches, deck-lines peddle rudder system, has paddle cut-aways and is fitted with a Smart-track retractable rudder. It will accommodate paddles from 90lbs [40.8kg] to 220lbs [99.7kg].

$3,700, Full Carbon Kevlar, Vacuum Bagged, heat cured
L: 17’11.5 W: 21.5″; 34 lbs.

Voted Kayak of the Year in Outside magazine’s “Gear of the Year”
Fast, stable, smooth and predictable. Nemo’s low volume cockpit area allows an unrestricted paddling action. It is a remarkably stable performance kayak; Designed specifically for lighter to medium weight paddlers. Features a smart-track pull-up rudder system.

$3,770 in Full carbon Kevlar, Vacuum bagged, heat cured.
L: 17’11.5″; W: 21.5″; 34 lbs.

A larger volume kayak than the Nemo, designed with the same performance characteristics but able to accommodate the larger, heavier, taller paddler.
A wider cockpit and increased front deck volume accommodates mid to heavy athletes. The same stability and hull profile as the Nemo. Also Fits USCA and USACK regulations for races.

Namu M/L
$2,310 Club / $2,770 Racer
L: 14'9"; W: 17"; 31 lbs.

This a fast and efficient, fitness and recreational kayak. Its designed to perform extraordinarily well on both the Ocean and flat water. It is fully fitted-out with deck lines, recessed deck fittings, hatches and bulkheads, a pull-up smart track rudder and adjustable footrest system. It also incorporates an adjustable Italian seat. The Namu is available in 3 unique design sizes to allow a better fitting and better performing boat.

KayakTrek Baja Expedition

$825 fiberglass epoxy construction
L: 14'; W: 23"; 34 lbs.

The Baja Expedition is stable, sleek, recreation, touring and fitness kayak, with terrific straight line tracking. A remarkably responsive kayak making full use of its in-built skeg to give it directional stability. A lightweight economic kayak, aimed at the fitness and active paddler.